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All about studying a B.Sc Nursing course?

Nursing is a branch of allied health science that deals with care and treatment for patients suffering from illness or injury. Nurses care for patients, offer emotional support and educate the public about health conditions.

The objective of the course is to develop the competency in knowledge in the individuals and help them to become skilled nursing professionals. The course is designed to imbibe the critical thinking skills, competence, ethics and standards required for nursing among the students. The course trains the students to use nursing skills in the treatment of patients.

Eligibility for B.Sc Nursing 

The students should have passed with subjects English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology with 45% aggregate in all these subjects from a recognised board are eligible to apply for B.Sc Nursing course in the best nursing colleges in Bangalore.

Admission Procedures

The students who are seeking admission to the B.Sc Nursing course in top B.Sc nursing colleges in Bangalore (Top Bsc Nursing Colleges in Bangalore) can join the course via two different modes. The first one is merit-based admission and the second one is through direct admission procedures.

Merit Admissions

The students seeking admission under this mode are compulsorily required to apply for Karnataka CET entrance exam conducted by Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA).

Direct Admissions

The students can get direct admissions to the best nursing colleges in Bangalore (Direct Admissions in Bsc Nursing Colleges in Bangalore) under management quota which gives them certain privileges. The students who are interested in direct admissions can contact Nursing Colleges in Bangalore for more details

Top Bsc Nursing Colleges in Bangalore

Career Scope & Job Roles after B.Sc Nursing

The career scope is vast for the skilled B.Sc Nursing students; they are hired in hospitals, clinics across the globe. The average salary of a B.Sc Nursing student ranges from 4 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs per annum.

The B.Sc Nursing students can even find ample job opportunities across the globe. No matter which country you are in, you will be hired in the hospitals if you are a skilled nurse with a nursing degree. The salary package is also high in the abroad countries especially in gulf and european countries. The average salary of a nurse abroad will range from $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 per annum. 

Some of the job roles for B.Sc Nursing are:

Neonatal Nurse

Neonatal Nurses care for new-born babies who are born premature or sick. In some cases, a new-born baby can suffer from a range of conditions that require treatments. 

  • They are responsible to prepare and medications according to the specific treatments 
  • They are responsible to manage the baby’s fluids
  • They are responsible to record observations and documenting a baby’s care
  • They are required to initiate appropriate basic resuscitation in an emergency situation
  • They are required to ensure that the baby is safe and healthy until it becomes normal
  • They are responsible to evaluate and oversee the care in the infants in NICU
  • They are required to run and maintain the equipment in the NICU

BSc Nursing Course in Top Colleges in Bangalore

Staff Nurse

A staff nurse is a registered nurse who provides high-quality care to patients of hospitals, residents of nursing homes.

  • They are responsible to provide high quality patient care
  • They are responsible to treat emergency injuries
  • They are also responsible to develop programmes to maintain health and safety 
  • They are responsible to fulfil all the basic needs (hygienic need, nutritional need) to the patients
  • They are also responsible to prepare trolley of anaesthesia
  • They are required to check oxygen, carbon dioxide nitrous oxide, emergency drugs, crash trolley and keep them ready in hand
  • They are also responsible to carry out instruction of O.T Sister when necessary
  • They are responsible to monitor the condition and take care of the patient during the operation and post operationally in the recovery room

Emergency Room Nurse

An Emergency Room Nurse cares for patients in an emergency or critical phase of their illness or injury and frequently is the first point of contact for patients.

  • They are responsible to maintain hand washing protocol, dress protocol as prescribed
  • They are responsible to treat critical injuries, allergic reactions and trauma
  • They are required to clean the wounds in case of an injury to stop blood flow through that wound
  • They are responsible to maintain emergency room standards
  • They are responsible to check for oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide levels in patients
  • The emergency room nurse is also responsible to monitor, ventilators and other lifesaving support systems
  • As an emergency room nurse, one should assist the insurance paperwork
  • The emergency room nurse should be capable to take strong decisions in emergency scenarios

Maternity Nurse

The Maternity Support Workers assists midwives in caring for women and their babies through the vital stages of pregnancy, Help the mothers and babies with care and affection

  • They are responsible to make routine observations (temperature, pulse, blood breathing etc)
  • They are responsible to update records and other admin tasks
  • They are responsible to help and Promote  breastfeeding in pregnant mothers
  • They are responsible to report the observations to midwife or a nurse

Final Words

The B.Sc Nursing students are skilled professionals who have certain expertise in nursing areas. The knowledge and expertise developed by them helps them to join better positions in hospitals and healthcare institutes for better salaries.
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