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Nursing: The Bedrock of Healthcare Sector

Brief description of Nursing

Nursing, by definition, is a selfless profession where giving and supporting the patient through their illness knows no end. As Florence Nightingale, one of the great nursing pioneers once said “Nursing is a gentle art of giving”. Since that time, so much has changed about the nursing profession and the hospitals nurses work in. Despite the rapidly changing healthcare environment, nurses will always be the artisans of care. Nursing is a noble profession that is selfless in nature that has the power to heal anything with care and affection.

Nurses no matter what the century have always been in the hospitals, as foot soldiers on the frontline of healthcare emergencies. Despite a nurse’s dedication, passion and skill; there is no measuring rod to show how instrumental they are to the medical field. 

Why is Nursing considered Bedrock in Healthcare?

There are many reasons that make the nursing profession to be considered as a bedrock in healthcare systems. No healthcare system works without nurses, and nurses are not limited to one specific field of medical science but it has diverse areas of service. Some of the important aspects that justifies the topic are:

Nursing is multi-diverse  

  • The nurses are caregivers and are encouraged to take a holistic approach in their profession. 
  • The nurses are trained to see that the whole person is more important than the health condition of that patient. 
  • The nurses are trained to address the patient’s cultural, spiritual and emotional needs simultaneously. 
  • Nurses are trained to be effective communicators so that they can communicate to the patients 
  • The nursing professionals are trained to find the right approach for the appropriate situation is a key part of their job. 
  • Being a nurse also involves acting as an educator for the patient, in certain situations patients may be confused about certain procedures.

Inner Calling of Nursing

  • Over the years, salary has never been a primary reason for entering the nursing profession. 
  • In recent times many surveys claim that nurse salary has increased from 1.3% to 2.6% which is paid more for their compassionate behaviour towards the patients. 
  • In comparison with education, religion and other altruistic professions; nursing tends to offer better compensation for being empathetic.
  • The inner motivation of the person drives them to become nurses rather than a normal routine job as a nurse.

Nurses can make differences

  • The nurses can make a difference in the lives of many especially when it comes to the work of correctional nurses that often goes underneath the radar. 
  • The correctional nursing is very often absent from the landscape of nursing. In contrast to care provision in a hospital, a correctional nurse facility’s care is essential and not elective. 
  • The correctional environment is usually not made to be patient friendly, brimming with warmth and welcoming but the correctional nurse can make it better. 
  • In contrast to an ordinary hospital environment, a correctional facility can be dark and intimidating. 
  • Perhaps, more than any other type of nurse, correctional nurses can make a powerful impact as an advocate for patient care. Correctional nurses often work with a disproportionate number of minorities. 
  • This puts them in a position to “shine a light” on health issues that affect certain populations more frequently.

Nurses change the work environment

  • No matter what the setting, a nurse’s ability to affect an environment positively is an essential skill.  
  • Nursing in an environment can be both physically and emotionally draining for staff, patients and their families. 
  • Adding colour and humour to their day the nurses can enhance the hospital environment for both patients and visitors, and co-workers as well. 
  • The caring and affectionate smile of a nurse can be infectious and has a positive effect on patients and helps them to recover at a faster pace, but also the nurse themselves. 

Nursing profession is truly dedicated

  • To be a nurse, a person needs to be truly committed and to be driven to go above and beyond the call of duty. 
  • Being a nurse is not just being an artisan of care, it is a diverse role that entails being an educator, someone that patients can trust and a key decision maker. 
  • Even though correctional nursing is very often not recognised, their contribution is valued by the institutions where they work. 
  • Other nurses are able to add vitality and humour to environments like the nursing artist. On the whole the nurses are medical professionals who need not be required to make drastic changes.

Ample job opportunities in Nursing field

  • The global nursing shortage is well documented and it is projected that by 2025 there will be 15% of projected growth rate in nursing jobs across the globe which is much faster than average of other occupations. 
  • In addition to this, the nurses are able to transition into numerous aspects of nursing and healthcare, ranging from working within acute care at the hospital to outpatient settings focused more in preventive care. 
  • The nursing field offers opportunities within the profession that lend themselves to creating jobs and opportunities.

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Final lines

Nursing is one of the noblest professions that has an excellent career scope and pays well. The healthcare organisations are ready to pay handsome salaries for the skilled professional nurses. The increase in aged population and people undergoing treatments, all these have created huge demand for skilled nurses in the healthcare industry across the globe.


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