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What makes Nursing a good career?

Medical field has always been a charming profession for many of us. But getting into the medical field is not an easy task. There are a lot of hurdles that one has to cross in order to land themselves in the medical field. All of them cannot join the medical field and become doctors due to a number of reasons like less marks, financial situations, etc. Many students who lost medical seats become disheartened and lose their interest in the medical field, but there is no reason to get disappointed. They can still join the medical field by choosing to join the nursing profession. Nursing is the best available alternative to join the medical field and continue your passion in the medical field. As a qualified nurse, one can pursue their career in the medical and healthcare domain and continue their services to the society by providing various medical treatments for the patients. 

What is Nursing?

Before joining the course, it is often necessary to know about that specific course, well in this case it is ‘Nursing’. 

Nursing is termed as a noble profession that encompasses the autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities and helps them to recover sooner from their chronic medical illness. Nurses can help the sick to become healthy again with the power of love, care and affection. An individual choosing to become a nurse will enter into a profession with a substantial responsibility of serving the needy. Nurses may sometimes be required to deal with the individuals who might be experiencing the most vulnerable phase of their lives and may expect only care and affection in return for nothing. The nurses are required to deal with many challenging situations by relying on their inherent qualities like compassion, care, affection, empathy along with the right nursing skills that they learn during their nursing courses.

How Nursing came into existence?

The history of Nursing dates back to the 19th century in the year of 1850s and 1860s. It is important to have a brief idea of the nursing profession about how it got started and a student who wants to start a profession in nursing should have a brief idea of the emergence of nursing.  Nursing first gets the name from the famous personality “Florence Nightingale''; she was the first person to coin the term ‘nursing’ and became a most influential figure in the field of nursing as her teachings laid stones for the field of nursing.  The foundation for nursing was laid in the year 1860-1865 during the Crimean war. Due to the civil war between the two countries, there were more casualties, due to the lack of people to look after the wounded people of the war. So, she ensured to start a practice of treating the wounded people to reduce the pain and war casualties. She started giving training to other women in nursing and many women especially the wives of the wounded men started to treat their husbands. Soon the field saw some volunteers and nursing started taking shape. Further, hospital-based nursing began to grow in the early 1900s. This is the time when many of the hospitals and physicians started seeing the women nurses as cheap labour and started to hire women for nursing.

Why Is Nursing Important today?

Global surveys show that there will be a shortage of 20,00,000 nurses by 2025. The technology advancements in the medical field have increased the lifespan of an average human. The people today in the world are living much longer and this needs better medical care.  So, hospitals and medical facilities are looking for a greater number of nurses to meet the demand. The demand for the nurses is getting increased day by day as the patient and nurses’ ratio is less and hospitals hire a greater number of nurses. The increased aged population has created a huge demand for the skilled nursing professionals across the globe.

Some reasons that make Nursing a best profession for both career development and service to society such as:

Nursing is a gender-neutral profession

In olden days nursing careers were only limited to a set of people and it was not everyone’s passion to become nurses. The nurses who were only limited to women in olden days have seen a paradigm shift as time passed. Today, nursing is a gender-neutral profession and passion for nursing has increased among both men and women. The healthcare system today encourages diversity in nursing and hiring nurses from all genders. Today there is no boundary for the nurses, we can find nurses from all corners of the world and is not limited to any race or country.

Nursing has expanded its reach many folds

Nursing has expanded its wings into a wide variety of areas related to the medical field. In olden days the nurses were treated more as assistants rather than professionals, but things have changed on passage of time. Nursing education today is far more advanced when compared to olden days, today nursing students are given training on the fundamental medical practices and treatment techniques which was not the case previously. This makes nurses the most reliable resource in hospitals and nursing professionals. Today nurses are not limited to only perform tasks as assistants but they are considered as in-charge doctors in case of emergencies. The Bsc nursing course (Bsc Nursing Courses in Bangalore) has transformed drastically such that today nurses are capable of providing first-hand treatment in hospitals to the patients in case of an emergency and ensure that the patients are in stable condition till the doctor arrives.

Ample opportunities across the globe in Nursing

As a professional nurse, the students can find the work anywhere in the world. Every continent and country requires nurses and employment opportunities are always in high numbers. There is a great demand for nurses especially in the USA, UK, European countries and even in Africa. The nursing students can choose to work in city hospitals, suburbs, rural areas and many community centres. The freelance nurses have an opportunity to travel to different parts of the world and can work as a consultant nurse. The travel nurses can get all the expenses paid by the clients and they are not required to shell out a single penny for their travel and accommodation.

Further, nurses after gaining some experience can start their own nursing classes and train junior nurses. Sometimes nurses are even appointed to managerial positions like; Director of nursing, Principal of the nursing college and even at managerial levels at the hospitals and nursing homes.

Career scope for Nursing is wide

Once the nursing students become registered nurses they can go in many directions of the globe for work. They can work in the judicial system as a legal nurse consultant, an emergency nurse at trauma care centres, nurses can work in hospitals and nursing homes, nurses can teach and take up teaching in nursing colleges. Nurses are one of the decently paid professionals in the world. An average salary of the nurses will range from 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum. The average fresher nurse will be paid about 3 lakhs per annum and the salary varies according to the experience and skills gained.

Final Words

Despite the changing era and modern technology there are some professions that have always maintained their charisma by undergoing the changes and development according to the needs of modern society. Many professions have seen a drastic change due to the advent of modernity, but nursing remains untouched even with a modern influence. Nursing has always been considered as an evergreen profession that has maintained its existence by keeping a perfect balance between technology and humanity.


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